Schülerarbeiten während der Schulschließung

In Zeiten der Schulschließung und bis zur teilweisen Öffnung haben unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler zuhause nicht nur Vokabeln gebüffelt, Gleichungen gelöst, Gedichte gelesen und Kniebeugen trainiert, sondern sich auch immer wieder aufwendigeren Projekten zugewandt, von denen hier mit der freundlichen Erlaubnis der Schülerinnen und Schüler einige Ergebnisse ausgestellt werden.

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Am I going to make it? – The time of social distancing and how I cope with it

I think you all have heard about it. Currently the only topic on the news is the coronavirus. No toilet paper in the stores and absolutely no sanitizers nowhere. Exceptional situations in every country across the world and a whole lot of panicking. 

As you may have noticed, today’s topic relates to the all-affecting coronavirus. 

First of all, I want to say that I hope you’re all staying at home as far as it is possible and you are all safe and healthy. I want to express a huge thank you to all the shop assistants in the grocery stores, to the hospital staff and all the other people that are in service. 

This situation we’re in is new. Nobody really knows what to do and how to do something against the virus. As of the moment I’m writing this, 72,300 people are already infected in Germany. I don’t even want to start about the United States or Italy.


If you are curious what it is like in your country you can visit the website of the John Hopkins University and have a look on the COVID-19 tracking map.


I’ve been thinking about this over the last few weeks and it’s something that changes our life. Maybe some of you are scared. Some of you are sad to not see their friends and family for a while. And some are worried about their future. Me too… it is something you need to process and that’s not easy at all.

I am, for example, in my last year of school. I have been waiting twelve years to celebrate the last week at school. I took a lot (sometimes less) of effort into studying. And now I am sitting at home, writing assignments on my own, in my bed. Sometimes I facetime with some friends or procrastinate the school work to rearrange my room for the 30th time. 

All of this is not the healthiest for our psyche. We need social interactions. I can understand the fears and mental problems some of you may have… 

At the beginning of this whole virus thing I took it easy. Sometimes we were even joking about it. By the time it reached Germany I had my first concerns. – What about the exams? Will we be able to do our theme week? And what about university or the year abroad? 

Am I going to make it? Hopefully I will get my A-Levels… – 

I know most of you are in a similar situation. With this blog post I want you to see everything within a brighter light. Get out of your comfort zone and make the best out of it. 

After sinking into a huge hole in the first week of isolation, I got up. I structured my days and tried to keep myself active. In the following I’ve got some tips for you to get the virus and your concerns out of your head for a while. 

  • First: Set yourself an alarm clock to get up. It’s okay if that is maybe 10 o’clock or something. You have the whole day, so don’t stress yourself. Have something to eat (breakfast is important!). And get yourself ready, then you’re going to be more motivated.
  • Next you could plan some time for school. One or two hours are fine. As you’re not in school you can also have some fun.
  • For the breaks you can watch some Netflix (or whatever streaming service you’ve got…there is plenty, herefore I also recently uploaded a post).
  • Another good idea is to bake or cook something, as you have enough time in a day. Now you can’t go for a fast lunch at a takeaway somewhere. Try to cook fresh and healthy, this also gives a lot energy for the day.
  • What I also think is really important is sport (a cute sport outfit helps!) or rather a healthy lifestyle. You can go jogging (work on your summer body :D) or do some yoga. Try things you haven’t tried before and get your mind free. Learn a dance from your favorite music video. Just try to get to an end result that makes you happy.
  • You could as well do some artsy stuff. Or something musical…try to learn a new instrument or learn the lyrics of Eminem’s “Rap God” 😀
  • Now you could take another few hours for some school work. (As I’m in the final stages of school, I prepare myself for the exams.) What helps me a lot is to finish one task before starting another, otherwise it takes a lot more time to finish.
  • Finally, we got to the evening part. Now you can relax, watch some TV or Netflix and reflect on your achievements of the day. That also makes you feel a lot better. Get yourself a sleeping pattern you feel comfortable with and you feel you can be most productive with.

I really hope I could help you with these tips and motivate you to still have a fulfilling live in this time of self-isolation. 

Just to sum this week’s post up, you can do something and do not need to sink into self-pity. Try something new but please also have in mind to practice the social distancing. Occupy yourself. Help everyone get the virus under control as quickly as possible by staying inside.

Be thankful for all the people who are trying to find a solution to our situation and appreciate this. 

If you have more ideas what to do share them in the comment section or under my last Instagram post. You can also text me a direct message, saying how you cope with everything.

I can make this. We can all make this!

See you next week


Solidarity will win

The streets in the city are finally empty. Since 18th March 2020 cafes, museums and shopping centres are closed. As well as cinemas and venues of the theatre in Magdeburg. It becomes deserted outside. You don’t see many people on the streets. Maybe some walkers, joggers or dog owners. It seems like a dream. 

Only one month ago no one saw the “invisible enemy” as a danger. Now, not only people who got infected are affected, but the whole population. Doctors are about to get mental breakdowns. Politicians are under pressure; employees of supermarkets don’t stop filling the shelves. Freelancers are standing in front of an abyss and are in fear of their lives. As well as cultural sites. The theatre fought to the end against closing it, but it was pointless. No one really knows what is going on. It seems as if every minute something new is happening. Everyone is sitting home and doesn’t know what to with themselves. Some people try to do handstands, some people try to learn to keep calm. 

A long time ago I saw a staging of the novel “Die Pest” by Albert Camus in the theatre. Strangely enough I didn’t think, not even for a second, about the virus Covid-19. Probably, because at this time, it hadn’t been the main topic in the media yet. 

A play that talks about a mysterious incident that happens in the city Oran. In basements, people are finding dead rats and more and more people are dying of an unknown fever.  No one wants to believe it at first, but the plague has broken out. The city is closed down. It affects young and old, poor and rich. 

It seems a little bit familiar to me…

Nevertheless, the doctor of Oran finds an odd similarity. Only people who don’t show solidarity are dying. 

At these strange times, it is more important to show solidarity. As Camus describes in his novel, in disaster situations people are showing their true colours.  Folks that hoard toilet paper and pasta in their basements aren’t smart, they are egoistic. 

So please remember, keep a safe distance from people and stay at home. Do it for your grannies and your grandpa’s, for your mums and dads. No one benefits, if you and your friends are planning a picnic at this wonderful warm weather, not even yourself.  Also, because recently Magdeburg has been using police for stricter supervision. Please note that even if you are not part of the risk group you can put fellow humans at risk. 

Stay updated and don’t fall for fake news. I can strongly recommend the apps of the magazines “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”, “Zeit” and “tagesschau”. If something gets around the neighbourhood it hasn’t always have to be false, but inform yourself in more detail. By this, you can prevent rumours.

If you suffer from boredom, make yourself a to-do list of things, you have always wanted to do. Most of these things can be done at home. Help people in your neighbourhood by doing their shopping. In the meantime, I have started to develop a new love for my bookshelves. I’m doing much more sport, cook and bake every day. 

We miss things that were quite natural for us yesterday. And that is fine.

Those who are loving, are better staying far away from one another. 

Alexandra Gulzarova

Stadtführer Geschichte 6

Die Klasse 6/1 war am 06. März in der Geschichtsstunde auf den Spuren Ottos I. in Magdeburg unterwegs und besuchte auch den Dom. Alle Schüler waren an der Vorbereitung beteiligt, indem sie kleine Vorträge erstellt haben.

In der Zeit des Onlineunterrichts haben die Schüler dieses Thema wieder aufgegriffen und Kinderstadtführer zum Magdeburger Dom und Otto I. erstellt.

Einige der kreativen und interessanten Ergebnisse möchten wir hier vorstellen.

Musik 5

Auch ohne Präsenzunterricht sind unsere Schüler kreativ. Im Rahmen des Musikunterrichts Klasse 5/1 sollten passend zur Musik „Die Moldau“ von Bedrich Smetana Bilder gestaltet werden, die die Stimmung der Musik einfangen und einzelne Begebenheiten darstellen, von denen die Musik erzählt.