Midterm meeting in Ankara

To change experiences about previous exchange projects and to stay in contact with the other countries we got together in Ankara in May 2014.Although it was the first time for some of us in Turkey and we heard about some prejudices, we were glad to have the chance to visit this beautiful city with its cultural and environmental diversity.

When we arrived in Ankara there was a warm welcome for every one of us, we all had a friendly host family and made great experiences. For example; we visited the Atatürk Mausoleum and other nice places in Ankara, also Cappadocia which is a beautiful landscape in Turkey.

Right from the beginning every student got along well with the other students. We all tried to speak different languages to understand better and also to have some fun. We played Volleyball, visited the Göksu Parkı, drove with paddleboats, sang and danced together. All things considered we had a lot of fun.

The ALTIN EĞİTİM School is a very modern building and it includes a Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School. The single classes are very small and also the classrooms aren’t as big as ours. But all in all you can say it is a child- and teen-friendly school with a great offer of diverse activities, friendly pupils and kind teachers.

Our host families were all very kind and very friendly. We had nice flats and houses, a great offer of breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also did different activities with us.My host family spoke English very well, so there were no problems in understanding each other.

In my view Ankara is a beautiful city and cannot be compared with Magdeburg. It is much bigger and there are very beautiful sights and places.And we can say that such projects are the best to get to know new cultures, new people and other religions.

Written by Naline Pfannschmidt